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Mr. Oil Xpress Lube Softball Team Become Tournament Champions

We’re excited to announce the Mr. Oil Xpress Team as Tournament Champions! The team took home the 1st place trophy for the C Division earlier this month, working tirelessly throughout the entire season to get there.

“This is a good group of guys that get along together, share responsibilities, and took time to align on positions and assigning spots,” says team coach John Fella. Fella, who also works as Shop Manager of Mr. Oil Xpress Lube states, “Main thing is we have fun with it, winning or losing.”

Since John works at Mr. Oil, he also enjoyed making friends through the field that would become visitors to the shop. The community involvement aspect of this opportunity made it that much more enjoyable. “It’s great getting out there to play and meeting other businesses and people in the community. It’s another cool part of what we get do.”

These 12 guys set out this season to work hard and pay some ball and they did exactly that. Now, in between this season and next, a few are participating in a separate travel league, as they align on strategy and logistics for next season.

Excellent job, team!

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