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21 Point Inspection


What is it? What does it cover? And why do oil change places vary so much?


If you’re like me, you’ve seen the signs posted at all the oil change places. Mr. Oil is no different.

But if you’re also like me, do you wonder what things they check and how many, really, get checked?

I went to the General Manager and asked him, “Can you please name all the items that are checked in your 21-point inspection list?”

I was amazed at all the items he rattled off to me. I knew they check the basics like tires, wipers and lights, but the list kept going on all the areas of a vehicle that’s included when Mr. Oil does an on-site inspection with your oil change.

Instead of rattling off a list to you, Mr. Oil has comprised a small spreadsheet of the areas that make up our 21-point inspection. You can find it below. Keep it with you. And by all means, check on the guys to make sure they are hitting all these areas. After all, they are human too.

The techs are quick and good. You may not even realize they are checking some of these items. But if you look at the monitors, you’ll be able to watch them.

In case you aren’t aware, if they find something, they will bring it to your attention. If you need a filter and it’s in stock, they will let you know. If they see something a little more than that, they will advise you as to whether it needs to be addressed right away or if you can work it into your budget. Mr. Oil always makes notes in the system for future reference and you will always see it on your receipt.

So the next time you come in, now you know you’re getting so much more than just an oil change.

See you next time!

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