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Wish List: Car Care Gift Basket

Well, here we are at the threshold of December. What a wonderful time of year to cherish the ones we love and the traditions we celebrate!

Something we all have pride for is gifting the most perfect something for individuals we care for. The way Mr. Oil sees it, we all know someone who is a bit of a car buff or vehicle connoisseur so have we got a great gift idea for you!

Mr. Oil's Car Care Gift Basket Recommendations

  1. Armor All Kit-a great starting point for the person always tidying up their vehicle on Saturday mornings.

  2. Car cleaning brushes-now that your loved one has the products, the right tools are the perfect addition to get scrubbing.

  3. Car vacuum-portable and provides a quick way to freshen up and make anyone smile right before hitting the road.

  4. Car wash gift certificates-for those who like to have a little help with their car cleaning.

  5. Headlight restoration-this process enhances the vantage point for any vehicle and guess what? We know a guy who can get this done for you.

  6. Air fresheners-the simplest way to make any car or truck smell brand new again.

  7. Customized license plate-whether it's a nickname or meaningful image, this is a unique way to extend your love for a person who shares a love for a car. Also, this is a great way to support local by working with a local vendor.

  8. Oil change gift certificate-the bread and butter of vehicle maintenance and yet, we're all guilty of this one missing it's due date now and then. Eliminate that issue with this gift basket idea.

  9. Car shampoo-an easy way to clean up and this one has amazing reviews!

  10. Scratch remover-we all have car or truck dings and we all cringe at the sight of them. Dings be gone!

  11. Car accessories-Have fun with this one. There are so many items to help organize or just plain old fun additions to find!

There gives you 11 ideas to use for assembling the greatest car care gift basket ever. Grab a bucket and fill it with love and car products and that's your "basket". If you have any questions on products or further ideas, let us know. We support you supporting your car and truck loving loved ones!

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