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Let's Talk Mr. Oil

This is a new series where Mr. Oil will showcase, talk about and highlight a product or service.

If you received the November newsletter, then you know this

month's highlight is about our Amsoil Fuel Additive.




What is a Gas Additive?


A gas additive is pretty much just what it sounds like. An additive that is put into the gas tank. It is synthetic.


What you really need to ask is "What does it do?"


A gas additive is put into the tank to remove normal deposits that form in the engine. It keeps all your vital and expensive parts clean and moving freely. A fuel additive will remove sludge and deposits, increases gas to air ratio and cleans valves and injectors.

If your vehicle is experiencing some of the following issues, you may need to put in a fuel additive:

  • check engine light

  • surges in engine

  • engine misfires

  • vibrating engine

These are signs that your parts, valves and injectors may be clogged or not getting enough or too much fuel.

A fuel additive will:

  • improve gas mileage

  • reduce emissions

  • restore power and performance

At Mr. Oil, we take a proactive approach to keeping your car in good running condition. We can't see the valves, but if you experience some of the symptoms, ask your tech about this cost effective additive. You'll have a clean and happy car, your wallet will be happy and if you think about it, what's the alternative if you do nothing?

In Stock, Ready to Go at $14.00

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