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Mr. Oil Gazette - August 2020


Software:  With much anticipation, we will have new software rolling out by the time you read this.  Why is this a big deal?  It means we will have the latest options and upgrades available.  You don't know this, but your car will love you and thank you for this.  You will also have the option of having your receipts emailed to you.  We will be asking you to update information as you visit us.  Please bare with us while the guys get used to the new software.  We may also be asking you to verify your current information such as Name, Address, Email, Telephone.  Please provide for my marketing purposes (wink, wink) and future give-a-ways. Tyler:  This young man was recently promoted from head tech to Shop Manager in early July.  He has done a phenomenal job in getting and keeping the guys motivated.  If you've been in recently, you can hear the music playing now, good music.  That was Tyler.  He is also working with "the crew" on diversifying their skills and keeping all the guys happy and motivated.  Way to go Tyler!  We appreciate you very much.  He is quite the character.  We'll have more on him soon in our special section of "Meet Your Technician". Email:  With the addition of the new software, the shop now has their own email address:  If you need to email them for any reason, now you can. Hometown News:  Readers Choice voting is out now.  You know who to vote for when it comes to your one and only favorite oil change place... Mr. Oil Xpress Lube!  Ballots can be found at local business locations in Sebastian and Vero, or you can stop in to Mr. Oil.  I have some extra's in the office.  Happy Voting! 

They're Baaaack!  5 Fresh New Scents to choose from.  They are free, no purchase necessary, but they are going fast.  In fact, the Black Ice has become the most popular.  They are almost all gone.  Come get yours while supplies last!  I am offering a FREE oil change to the first person who can tell me what the 5 Scents are.  You already know one.  Email me your guess to  Use the subject line "Olympic Scents."  Suggestions are always welcome for new scents, too.


"When you close the door of your mind to negative thoughts, the door of opportunity opens to you."        Napoleon Hill

"Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail."   Benjamin Franklin 



Last month we talked about wiper blades.  Check out our website if you didn't get it.  This month we will be talking about getting and keeping your car ready for whatever happens to come upon us next.  Like a Zombie Apocalypse.   

It is important that you have regular maintenance done on your vehicle.  This includes changing the oil, checking the tires, and having things checked when a "light" comes on. 

The very basic and quite frankly, the easiest is to bring your vehicle in to us.  We report all of your regular maintenance to Carfax.  It also means if we see something, we can notify you. 

Look for an upcoming post about our 21-point inspection here.


Ms. Sue - August 12th


Ms. Sue, Head Financial Whip Cracker at Mr. Oil Xpress :)Meet Ms. Sue,

Ok, she's not a technician, but what she brings to the office and the guys is so much more!  Ms. Sue has been with Mr. Oil from Day 1.  If it has to do with numbers, she's the girl!  Not only does she make sure the guys are compensated correctly, but she also makes sure we either don't over-spend or that we have it to spend.  Did you know one of the owner's philosophies is to make sure every oil filter is on site at all times.  This ensures the customer, you, never has to wait for a filter to be delivered.  We always have them in stock. Every. Single. One.  And if we don't, we will make sure we stock them for the next time.  We are a team here at Mr. Oil, but Ms. Sue rocks the numbers world!  Thank you Ms. Sue! :)  And Happy Birthday!  



We have a designated lunch room for the crew.  All the amenities to keep them hydrated and happy.  I happen to walk in there one day to warm my lunch and all I heard was... "I was gonna leave my wife for her."  At this point, I turned around and left the room.  I don't know, I don't want to know but the guys in there started laughing, hard.  I'm pretty sure there was a lot of sarcasm behind those laughs and words.

September's Issue

Coming in the September 2020 Issue of Mr. Oil Gazette:

  1. 100,000th Customer?

  2. Fuel Additive:  What is it and Why Should I Care?

  3. Meet Your Technician: Kevin

As always, I welcome any suggestions, shout-outs, birthday or anniversaries.   Did you know we have Gift Cards?  Ask your Tech about these.  

Looking forward to next month's issue.  Till then, we'll see you later!  Christine

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