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3 Simple Tips to Brighten your Day, Car Care Edition

Ever have one of those days where things aren’t lining up? Nothing goes how you want it to or even feel you need it to? We get it; we have those days too. When they happen we tend to do what we do best and think about car care and how to make less than stellar situations become brighter.

Here are 3 simple tips to brighten your day with your vehicle in mind:

1. Wash it away-run through a local car wash or grab some buckets and towels and get to scrubbing in the driveway. Vacuum out the interior, wipe down dust and build up from the dash and consoles, and pick up a nice air freshener in a favorite scent. A fresh clean ride does wonders to alleviate chaos and clutter.

2. Put some pressure on-or rather check the pressure in your tires, that is. Take your car to a nearby gas station with easy to use air pumps, purchase a portable and convenient unit tand keep ready, or stop by most any service shop and ask a technician to verify your tires are set to ride with ease and for optimal safety.

3. Lean on us-Mr. Oil is open six days a week. Let’s get you caught up for any services needed sooner than later. We offer fair prices and work fast. We can complete most all our work while you wait in the comfort of your own car or truck, or for those services that may run a little longer, we have a fully air conditioned and WiFi accessible waiting space for you.

Sometimes when day to day life gets complicated or stressful, you just need to breathe and focus on feeling better about things. It really can be the little things like making sure your vehicle is up to speed.

To better days and good car care, we hope to see you soon if we can help out!

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