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Don't Forget to Flush!

When you think of car maintenance, you probably first think of an oil change, windshield wiper replacement, or updating the four wheels that make it possible to navigate your travels. And you would be right on trend as these are the most common processes when it comes to maintaining your vehicle.

However, while we often hear of a particular flush for your car or truck, there isn’t always action taken to get these automobile upkeep tasks done. Today we remind you to keep up with various flush processes to extend the life of your vehicle. But why the need for a reminder?

According to one article written by a digital publication Driving, “the growth in this auto service segment has been ballooning over the last 15 to 20 years.” The article explains the lack of information shared about these services in an owner’s manual may partly be to blame. If you skim through any manual, “you won’t find any information on flush/treatment preventative maintenance in those publications.” Some speculate automakers “leaned out their recommended service guides and stretched time and distance intervals to position their products in the “low-operation-costs” bracket.”

Mr. Oil offers the following flush based services: transmission, coolant, and radiator. Each service can vastly improve your vehicle’s quality of life, therefore this can improve your daily drive by not having to worry when the lack of having these services completed may catch up.

To have these services done or to discuss any car care needs, stop by Mr. Oil and ask the team. As always, we’re here to offer fast, reliable service the old fashioned way!

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