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Mo Oil

Any time you’ve come to the shop, you’ve seen him. On social media, he often shares car care tips and expresses thanks for your visit. His smile lets you know he and his team provide fast, reliable service the old fashioned way. We’re talking about Mr. Oil of course, or more specifically Mo Ams Oil.

Born in 1966 in Ocean City, New Jersey, Mo Oil has worked on vehicles since he was two years old and he was gifted his first open ended wrench. Car servicing runs in his blood and is close to his heart, as Mo’s dad owned an express lube center for over 40 years. Mo’s brother still runs the family shops today.

Mo doesn’t recall a single night growing up where he and his family were not working on cars, studying the intricate details, and just appreciating the beauty for every kind of model. When he wasn’t working on cars, Mo enjoyed spending time at the Boardwalk indulging in as many crepes from his favorite Ocean City staple OPA. To be honest, that’s his second stop when he’s back home, after saying hey to mom and dad first.

Mo was the only family member to venture from Ocean City and when he did, his only specification for where was it had to be near a boardwalk. From family travels growing up, Mo knew of Sebastian, Florida and the opportunity to be near many beautiful boardwalks and bodies of water. For him it was an obvious choice for relocation.

Mo is husband to Kate Oil and father to daughters Mary, Maggie, Mellie, and Missy. He’s also dogfather to two Dalmatians, Louie and Ethel. Those dogs sure do love hopping in Mo’s truck and hitting the boardwalk in the evenings! Mo adores his family and works hard to provide them a great life. It’s important to Mo that his wife and children are proud of the Mr. Oil brand and the legacy it creates. Good thing two of his daughters are going to school for auto mechanics now…

So that’s just a little about the man you always see and hear from. Mo is pleased to make your official acquaintance, and as always he thanks you for your continued support. The Indian River community is home now and for that he could not be more grateful.

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