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Five Classic Car Care Tips

Welcome to the Mr. Oil blog segment known as "Wednesday Service Spotlight". To recap this weekly feature, we highlight car care services we offer and explain helpful tips to assist with your vehicle's longevity.

Let's talk about taking care of older cars. Now, of course we help with those that are five, ten, 15 years old, but for this purpose we mean older as in classic editions. We're talking about your mustangs, Chevrolets, and don't forget the Cadillacs too. Here at Mr. Oil, we live for providing fast, reliable service the old fashioned way so maybe it's just in our foundation that we're a good match with cars from a similar time. We have several clients who bring us their very special automobiles because they know our guiding principles and they know we understand the unique delicacy of care their vehicles require. As with all our customers driving in with any type of car or truck, if you have a certain request for a product or type of service, all you have to do is ask. We will always try to accommodate in the absolute best way. This takes a special meaning for our classic car clients too. Let us know how to best fulfill the needs of the vehicle at hand and foot in this case, and we will get it done.

Five Classic Car Care Tips:

1. Complete thorough detailing and wash its body on the outside as well as undercarriage to remove grime, salt, mud, and dirt. 2. Keep it away from extreme hot and cold temperatures to protect the life and beauty of the car. 3. Cover the car with soft cotton cloth or advisable car covers when not using. 4. Engines of classic cars are old and require special care and attention. Have a trustworthy shop to work with to aide in this area. 5 Take a short run of the car at least once a month to keep in running condition and prevent faults and corrosion. Mr. Oil says bring us your restored and well kept and we will keep them well with you.

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