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Wednesday Service Spotlight: Fuel Filter Replacement

Welcome to a new segment on the Mr. Oil blog known as "Wednesday Service Spotlight". At Mr. Oil we want to educate our clients as well as serve their car care and vehicle needs. We believe being informed is good for the mind, body, and engine. Each week we will highlight a service we can offer assistance with and explain the reasoning about having the work done, helpful tips to assist with the longevity of your vehicle having the service done, and overall an explanation of what exactly some services are. Without further adieu, our first spotlight is on... Fuel Filter Replacement: The fuel filter in a truck or car is a filter in the fuel line that screens out dirt and dust particles from the fuel. This helps keep fuel running smoothly to an engine. This keeps a vehicle running properly. As time goes on, dirt and buildup do happen which can create clogs. When a clog is in effect, you may notice a few ways your vehicle is telling you it could use a fuel filter replacement of. The signs of needing a fuel filter replacement can be: -shaky engine or idling -engine not starting or difficulty starting -engine dies on road -struggling at low speeds If this sounds like your vehicle, have no fear, Mr. Oil will help you get in the clear! This service is from $29.95 and can be completed in under 15 minutes as you sit in the comfort of your vehicle. This is one of the simplest ways to provide good car care to your vehicle and add to its overall longevity. Come by the shop to have this taken care of and we'll get you back on the road cruising along in no time.

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