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Five Car Care Tips for Florida Winter

Colder days are upon us here in Florida! It’s a nice break from sweltering heat and makes for a good time to assess the upkeep of our vehicles. Of course, we aren’t worried about chaining special edition snow tires here in the Sunshine State, but there are five Florida winter specific practices to employ for good car care:

-Make sure you can see: With added fog, cooler temperatures requiring defrost, and heavy rainstorms ushering cold in and out, make sure your wiper blades are in top notch condition. Also be sure you are using actual washer fluid because regular water will freeze.

-Get the right oil change: Be sure the most compatible oil for your vehicle engine is being utilized. In colder temperatures oil tends to thicken up and it’s important to have this evaluated so your engine runs smoothly.

-Give your battery some attention: Be sure to check for corrosion and your battery’s ability to hold its charge. This is most recommended to have a certified repair shop conduct.

-Examine belts and hoses: Cooler temperatures can affect these heavily. Make sure wear and tear hasn’t left belts and hoses in poor condition.

Check tire pressure: As we mentioned on our social media platforms before, this is important to pay attention to during winter. Temperature shifts can alter the pressure and balance in tires quickly this time of season.

Remember, every winter tip mentioned here are services that can be checked quickly and easily at the Mr. Oil Xpress Lube Center. Don’t stress yourself and come by the shop anytime and let us ease your wintery mind.

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