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Life in the fast lane

When you pull into Mr. Oil Xpress Lube Center, we strive to treat you like the special guests we believe you are. Once we see you rolling in towards the bay, it’s go time. We check you in, verify what brings you in, and then it’s our opportunity to get your service going. Think of us as your very own pit crew.

We not only do what service you come in for, such as our remarkable 10 minute oil change, but we are sure to complete the little extras like windshield cleaning, lubrication checks for doors and hinges, topping off fluids, and we evaluate the tire pressure happening on your vehicle.

Whoo, that’s a lot! Worked up a thirst? Allow us to provide you some ice-cold water.

While all of this is going on, by the way, you can go ahead and check your email, browse your favorite websites, or make a call back to someone trying to reach you. We will get our job done in a fast, convenient way, so you can focus on your next adventure once you’re back on the road. It’s just the Mr. Oil way.

Thank you again for the great photo Geoff!

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