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Customer Service the Mr. Oil Way

At Mr. Oil Xpress Lube, we aim to provide the most reliable, comfortable, and efficient facility for all clients and their car care needs. Whether it's the air conditioned waiting area with WiFi access; to the pristine upkeep of the shop; to the informative technicians we are proud to have represent Mr. Oil on the front lines every day; we are proud to make this atmosphere a feel good stop for all customers.

We take incredible pride in keeping the shop in tip top shape. Our team of technicians go above and beyond as they work to ensure the space is clean and up to the highest of standards. We make a mess to clean up just to make sure you don't have a mess on your hands with your vehicle. The best thing to do is prepare and educate any driver who rides through the shop. Our technicians are devoted to sharing all the knowledge they can with our clients. We will gladly complete what you come in for and will advise on what may be to come at your next visit for your planning as well. We base this on facts about your vehicle, not scare tactics to pressure someone into getting work done. We look at industry standards, what the manufacturer may say, and overall the wear and tear on a vehicle to make the recommendations for service.

For any visit that requires work that takes longer than one of our 10-15 minute services that allow you the ability to stay in your vehicle?, we invite you to step inside our waiting area. You can bring your laptop if you're in between driving to your next work gig, grab a cold soda or water, and feel the crisp cold air that all Floridians appreciate so much. We'll wave through the window you can watch the services through when we're ready to get you back on the road. We hope to see you and your family soon so we can take excellent care of you and your vehicles. After all, we know how busy life gets and how nice it is when things like quality car care is accessible. We strive to make sure the process is smooth and easy for all who drive in.

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