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Mr. Oil Reports to Clients and CARFAX

With the Mr. Oil team, clients are in the most capable, reliable, and caring hands possible. Efficiency and ease are the biggest motivators for our team as we navigate the maintenance part of your drives with you. We offer top of the line products, fast paced services, and aim to keep you connected through other amenities for all your car care record keeping.

Enter CARFAX. Carfax serves as an option to digitally store records of all history for any vehicles. Accident reports, title information, service work-you name it!

It’s a one stop online click for any future buyers of your vehicle doing research on the life of the car or truck. It also helps you when you may be purchasing your next ride. Easy access to record information is critical when buying or selling so why not utilize a service such as CARFAX?

Here at Mr. Oil Xpress Lube, we can easily add any services to your CARFAX report with no extra steps from you. In fact, we will have your records up to date in the time it takes to do your oil change. And we all know Mr. Oil has the art of completing the 10 minute oil change down!

Please speak with our service technicians further to discuss your CARFAX report.

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