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No Coupons, No Problems

In today’s world, everyone is running, skipping, and jumping from one adventure to the next at warp speed. It can easily get overwhelming to complete even the simplest of tasks, such as getting your car’s oil changed. Here at Mr. Oil Xpress Lube though, we have you covered.

To start, we offer the convenience of a 10-minute oil change, all while you wait in your vehicle. You can maximize those minutes by crossing items off your to-do list or closing your eyes for a rejuvenating catnap. You may be asking yourself, with this being such a time saver- it’s got to come at a high cost, right?

Oh we’ve got you covered there too.

Because we aim to make the process of getting the most basic of car care services complete as simple as possible, we also have a price that is the fairest and best deal around, minus the need for any coupons.

That’s right. Just show up and get your car’s oil changed in only 10-minutes, at the amazing rate of $24.95. No, this is not a prank. Just truth and convenience served all day!

Here at Mr. Oil, we believe in providing an efficient means, both for time and finances. Stop by our Sebastian location on your way to the store, to work, or on your lunch break. We’re here and we’re happy to help you!

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