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Four Easy Ways to Spring Clean your Vehicle

Welcome to the Mr. Oil blog segment known as "Wednesday Service Spotlight". To recap this weekly feature, we highlight car care services we offer and explain helpful tips to assist with your vehicle's longevity.

This week’s spotlight we are talking about a celebration of sorts. That’s right, it’s that time of year again…April is National Car Care Month! We can’t believe the time is upon us either. Just as you prepare your homes and garages and closets with spring-cleaning, it’s a great time to factor in your vehicle’s needs too.

Four Easy Ways to Spring Clean your Vehicle

  1. Replace air filter.A quick way to rid your car or truck of pollutants built up.

  2. Evaluate the tread in tires.Replace in pairs to get the proper balance.

  3. Change fluids and lubricants

  4. Examine headlight clarity.Change bulbs or have restoration applied.

These simple steps can alleviate causes of bigger car care issues down the road. Taking the same proactive approach to cleansing and freshening up your vehicle like you may your home this time of year is certainly beneficial. Happy April and happy driving everyone.

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