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The America Adventure Update

Last week, we discussed the current event AMSOIL is hosting known as the AMSOIL America Adventure. To recap, people from all different home places started their engines in South Dakota and kicked off on a week long driving adventure. Their ultimate end destination is none other that Las Vegas, Nevada by Saturday, October 17.

The ride includes waking up daily with no other idea what the journey ahead will hold. Literally, contestants have no idea where they are going until the engine is running. Since kicking off on the 11th, adventurers made their way to meet Dave Kindig from the TV show "Bitchin' Rides", in Salt Lake City, Utah and have checked out such attractions like Devil's Tower and Bighorn National Forest in Wyoming as well. Every day truly is an adventure for these participants. The drive is winding down so tune in tomorrow to the Monster Energy Cup in Vegas to see who wins the America Adventure and to see the ultimate winner of Supercross named. Follow along through social media using the hashtag #AA2015. Safe rides to everyone!

Photo Credit: Google Images

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