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Ready. Set. AMSOIL Adventure!!!

Image via AMSOIL

The 2015 AMSOIL America Adventure Weekend is kicking off Sunday October 11 in South Dakota and participants will drive their way to none other than Sin City by October 17. This adventure will culminate with attending the Monster Energy Cup where the ultimate winner of Supercross will be named. Along the American Adventure journey, participants will be driving each and every morning, with no prior knowledge of where they're going, what they are bringing, and with the lone intention of beating their competitors. The only known actors are this: points will given, side driving escapades will happen, and fun will be had without a doubt. The adventure is on! Aside from the memories made and glory felt, the final winner will take home a custom AMSOIL edition Supercross bike during the live final ceremony at the Monster Energy Cup. Be sure to follow along and enjoy the ride with the competitors.

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