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Mr. Oil Says Act Right

All consumers have been in a situation wondering if a single purchase might offset another in a negative fashion. Particularly, if you upgrade one service or product, could it affect something previously used? What if you switch things up and want to do something is more beneficial for you, but you're concerned you're breaking a rule? This can cause for excess worry that, quite frankly, no one has time for. Here at Mr. Oil, we believe our clients and consumers should know about certain protections in place to help ease those concerns related to their vehicles. One example of this refers to the Magnusson-Moss Act. This law, created by Congress in 1975, allows for consumers to rest a little easier when it comes to warranty information related to their vehicle, and more directly, product use. Specifically, "the law was meant to give consumers detailed information about warranty coverage before they buy".

What this means: Say you are interested to use AMSOIL motor oil, which as you know Mr. Oil is a proud dealer of, and you want to bring your car to Mr. Oil versus a dealership where you bought your car from. Could this void your warranty??

Please excuse yourself from this worry. You, our friends, are protected by the Magnusson-Moss Act!

Based on the criteria of the Act, "the practice of extending oil drain intervals does not void warranties". Additionally, "to affect the vehicle warranty, the lubricant must be directly responsible for the failure. If the oil didn't cause the problem the warranty cannot be voided, regardless of brand or length of time in use".

As always, Mr. Oil aims to make your car care experiences fast, reliable, and informative. We stand by our AMSOIL affiliation and we stand by YOU!

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