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Mr. Oil: AMSOIL Direct Jobber

Did you know Mr. Oil Xpress Lube has earned the opportunity of being a Direct Jobber of AMSOIL? It’s true! We are highly proud of this endeavor for a couple main reasons:

We work hard to support a variety of brands and AMSOIL is surely one of them. AMSOIL offers a high quality product and has established itself as being a leader in the automotive industry for this exact reason. We’re thankful for this type of product to offer our clientele and having the ability to aid in its reputation development.

We believe in working hard to grow. Our guys at the shop continuously strive to provide grade A service to all customers, whether it’s the first car of the day at 8am, or the last pulling into the bay at 5:25 just before close up. By working with brands such as AMSOIL, we are aligned on vision; hard work matures into growth. With growth comes responsibility to uphold standard.

Mr. Oil is proud to serve the Indian River community as a DIRECT JOBBER with AMSOIL. We’ll be looking for you at the shop soon.

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