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Annual Check Up: Fuel Filter Replacement

Has your fuel filter been changed or replaced in the last year? If not, the Mr. Oil team highly recommends it gets done. If you're unsure at all, please stop by and see us and let us tell you if it's all good or needing to be changed. We love to help and educate clients on the basic of replacements a vehicle needs. It is our job and passion to share insight and inform clients enough so they can make the best decisions regarding their vehicles. We want to see you get the life out of your car or truck for the long run. For our fuel filter replacement, we start around the price point of $29.95 for cars and for diesel we start at $59.95. If you have any questions about this when you stop in, just let us know and we will gladly make sure you know all the options. Again, Mr. Oil and his team aim to keep you safe, happy, and traveling right along in a fast, reliable way.

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